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The Legacy

Kading Companies S.A.

In 1995 Kading Companies, S.A. ("KDNG") was founded as a holding company that sought acquisitions of technologies that it believed it could build companies around. As of May 2010, this role has been transferred to a newly incorporated entity, Kading Corporation (KadingCorp), so that Kading Companies S.A. will now be free to aggressively pursue emerging international opportunities and expand its role into operational activities overseas.

Kading Companies S.A.'s most recent activities involve the mining of precious metals in Peru and copper mining in Chile constituting a significant opportunity for our investors.

Kevin Kading, currently serves as CEO of both Kading Companies S.A. and Kading Corporation, and was the incorporator for ARC, SMI, and UAI.

Kading Corporation

Founded in May of 2010, Kading Corporation currently owns equity positions in the following companies: ARC, UAI, and SMI where Kevin Kading has been an officer and/or founder. In each instance, Kading saw a technology that he believed in, acquired the technology, found competent individuals to build and mature the target company and added investment capital.

Under Kading Corporation's guidance, each target evolves to a point where Kading Corporation's activity begins to diminish and we begin to look for new technologies in which to invest. This successful approach has brought us to excellent opportunities such as with NASA and the coupler technology for UAI and continues to serve the interests of our investors seeking unique opportunities in the high technology sector.

Going forward, the Kading Corporation will continue to look for opportunities in specific technologies that management believes constitute a significant opportunity for investors - Those that can penetrate $1 billion or greater market places and have something unique to offer.

Current equity positions held in:

Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. (“ARC”) – ARC is a company that has an advanced technology for utilizing hyperspectral and multispectral imaging and sensing. The company has recently received contracts and is moving forward at a rapid pace.

Syringex Medical, Inc. (“SMI”) – SMI is a development stage company that has developed a safety syringe with a retractable needle feature that appears to be far superior to any other safety syringe available in the market place today. SMI expects to be producing its device within the near future.

United Aerospace, Inc. (“UAI”) – UAI was incorporated on October 22, 2004 specifically to work with NASA to lock down a technology and build the company around the acquired technology. To that end UAI has a licensing agreement for the QCB quick connect/disconnect coupler technology which was signed on December 14th 2005.