The market demand for precious metals and rare earths is currently estimated to be a multi-billion dollar market. It is expected to increase in demand in both areas. The global quantitative easing or digital money printing by central bankers has caused consumers to move into hard assets as a way of storing wealth. Government and institutions store these hard assets in the form of bullion or “paper gold”. Rare earths, on the other hand, are used more in day-to-day technologies and products. Many consumers are unaware of what a huge role these elements play in their life.



Rare earths are becoming more important in manufacturing and high technology products as well as many green technologies. Demand for rare earths is expected to increase dramatically over the next decade and is expected to put increased pressure on the price of these elements. For instance the rare earth Dysprosium is responsible for making modern day technologies smaller and faster. These rare earth elements are critical to many of our industrial giants in the latest technologies; Apple and its I-phone; GE and its hybrid cars. The current demand on these products will reflect in the demand for the rare earths that create them. Now is the time to recognize the value in these elements.

The key to this market is supply and demand. There will always be a demand for the smallest fastest smart phone on the market, the next break through medical device, and precious metals will always have value. This reflects the continuing significant increase in the price of precious metals over the years. In South America, there are thousands of small and medium-sized operating mines that are in need of capital. This is where Kading Companies plans to build value for these mines to make them more productive. With various tangible tools to bridge the lack of capital include, proven “tolling structures”, “bankable” transactional framework along with structured project finance through non-recourse and limited-resource financing.