Kevin H. Kading

Kevin H. Kading, Chairman of the Board of Directors. Kevin H. Kading is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Kading Companies S.A. since its founding in 1995. Between 1979 and 1995, He held various positions at Wall Street investment banking firms, ranging from retail sales to Regional Vice President. From 1995 to present, Mr. Kading has founded and participated in a number of public and private companies. He has been a member of Securities Traders Association both nationally and in New York since 1995. Mr. Kading was a founder, officer, and Chairman of the Board of Advanced Reconnaissance Corp. from 1997 to February 2006. Mr. Kading was a founder and officer of Syringex Medical, Inc., from October 1997 to June 2004. Mr. Kading has been working on Wall Street since the late 1970’s.

Board of Directors
Lawrence C. McQuade

Lawrence C. McQaude is the founding Partner of River Capital, a hedge fund focused on investments in Russia. He was the CEO of Procon Incorporated where he oversaw the building of the largest LNG facility in the world at that time. He served as Asst. Secretary of Commerce during President Kennedy/Johnson Administrations. In addition, Mr. McQuade was the Executive Vice President and Board Member at W.R. Grace & Company as well as Vice Chairman of Prudential Mutual Funds. Mr. McQuade served on the Board of Directors at Qualitas International, Prudential Mutual Funds, NNRF, Laredo National Bancshares, Bunzl PLC, Applied Bioscience, and many others. He is a member of Council on Foreign Relations and has been Director, Overseas Development Council; Director, International Management & Development Institute; Director, Foreign Policy Association; Expert Advisor, UN Commission on Transnational Corporations; Co-Founder & Director, Asian Programs Foundation. He is a graduate of Yale University (Phi Beta Kappa), Oxford University (Rhodes Scholar), and Harvard Law School.

Daniel R. Martin










Daniel R. Martin is an international executive and management consultant born and raised in Peru, where his father was a mining company executive. He has extensive experience living and working in Latin America, as President of Sterling Drug (Latin America) and as managing Director of Merck (Peru) and Merck (Colombia). He was subsequently President and CEO of E-Z-EM Inc. ( a NASDAQ company) and President and COO of Milestone Scientific Inc. ( an Amex company). A graduate of Cornell (Economics) and Columbia (Management), he is a Director of DelMonte (Asia), Country Life Vitamins and the Allergy Research Group. He is a Director of the White Plains Hospital Foundation and the National Aphasia Association, and a Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and an Adjunct Professor at Pace University.